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Catching up:

Friday: Honestly, Friday feels so dang long ago that I really don’t remember what happened. There was work, a WOD, some book hunting, and beer involved. We’ll just say it was a good time.

Saturday: It was a *lovely* spring/summer (sprummer?) day here in Nashville. I scrambled to get some work done so I could head outdoors and enjoy it. I walked down to the park and this weekend was the annual Craft Fair (a big deal here) and I ran 3 loops, walked two, ( = 5 miles) around and people watched. I then adventured further downtown because sunshine, and instagrammed the bridge. I always instagram that bridge. Sigh. Upon my return I discovered my first running tan lines of the year. So pretty.

The fam and I went to dinner and I put a giant steak in my body. You’re welcome for that delicate imagery. We also had tickets to see Les Mis at the symphony center, which, I’m sure was amazing if you love theatre. Spoiler alert: I’m not the biggest fan. I also had the most terrible stomachache after that dinner. WTF, steak?! I didn’t even eat the onion rings and bread at the table! Rude. 

Sunday: I was not a fan of Sunday, mostly because the biggest paper of my career was due today. So naturally, I slept in, went grocery shopping, hit the gym (overhead squats, baby), roamed around the craft fair some more, and then locked myself in my room until I finished. I FINISHED. Thank God that’s over. Now I sit and wonder what normal people do with their free time. Surely I could be productive doing something, but why waste the energy? :)

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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