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I did a (somewhat spontaneous) thing. 

This trip had been pre-meditated for a while, but sometimes you have to quit waiting around until the time is perfect to do things.

Sometimes you have to do things when you’re busy or stressed or broke or whatever, because otherwise, they’ll never happen.

Sometimes you just need to get away from reality.

So that’s what I did. And I didn’t really tell anybody. (Sorry, mom and dad).

And so although my regular travel buddy is off having adventures of his own, it’s doesn’t take long for my persuasiveness to lock down another friend as a travel buddy. So we packed up a bag and headed to Denver on Monday. 

Denver was pretty. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Without planning ahead and reserving spots for hiking, there’s really not much to do. But appreciating the beauty and culture of a new city is more than enough for me, and we stuck ourselves right into the beer scene, visited the zoo, hit up an Avs game (boooo Chicago!), and even saw our first snow of the year. 

Also - let me just say that after TWO beers, I was tipsy drunk. TWO. Altitude, y’all. That shocked me. I am not a lightweight! I would be the cheapest date ever if I lived in Denver. WOWWW. Also, running was rulll hard. Fun, but I mostly wondered, “am I even moving?” Still, though, Denver was good to me. New cities are my jam.

Thursday night we popped ourselves on a plane to Salt Lake City. Brenna and I have been in cahoots to surprise someone who has been MIA forevvveeeerrr, but he figured out my surprise just HOURS before I was going to show up. But I remained giddy excited to see these people I met from this very blog, over two years ago. These people, y’all. I just want to wrap them up and put them in my heart forever. 

Friday, Brenny and I CrossFitted - Deadlifts and wall-balls for days! Hammies so sore. We climbed atop a short and sweet peak and she took my most favorite picture ever, the first one at the top. SLC is pretty you guys. Saturday we headed out for adventures. Except our adventures were no match for the sudden oncoming blizzard (I’ve never seen that much snow!!) and so while we got to see some amazing scenery, we had to turn around and change our plans. It was getting close to dark, below freezing outside, and soooo so so cold for my Tennessee bones. They were laughing at me, but it’s fine. We swung by a Walmart, grabbed some towels and flashlights, and headed out to Diamond Forks for an incredible night hike on an icy trail that led us to some hot springs. 


My favorite part, however, was no doubt watching KC get out of the springs in the snow to redress. It was like watching a cartoon. BEST.

And, of course, no trip to Brenna would be complete without adding another state to our squat list. In front of the Mormon Temple. It’s probably fine?

Just take me back already. We’re already planning some preeeetty awesome hiking for next summer. 

I’ve just come to except the fact that I want to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. To surround myself with beautiful places, rich culture, and caring, loving people. This is what I want to do. All the time. 

As someone would say, adventuring for always.

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  1. tallmormon said: I want and need you back ASAP
  2. buildingothersup said: This all makes me very happy.
  3. mapetitchou said: Denver = worst part of Colorado
  4. clevcrew said: Awesome recap!!
  5. runningwithguts said: I am swooning so hard at my desk. Come back!
  6. amy---ela said: ummm you should pick me the next time you need a travel buddy
  7. lifewithkim said: Adventuring for always…has to be my most favorite phrase ever. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend making memories.