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MedGem Metabolic Testing Results

Those of you that have stuck with me for the long haul know that I’ve been hanging on to my last 15-20lb spare tire with the plateau of all weight loss plateaus. 

Seriously, do you know how incredibly frustrating it is to be in a constant mode of trying to lose weight for 2+ years to no avail? Yes, I’m happy and confident in my body, but to still know that you’re doing everything (mostly) right and you still can’t drop the weight is, well, discouraging.

So as a birthday present to myself, this morning I went to a clinic in our Medical Center to have my resting metabolic rate tested, or my RMR. Your RMR is the number of calories your body burns each day with little no activity, and makes up the largest percentage of your total metabolism. Measuring your RMR allows you to determine the best and most appropriate calorie budget for weight loss/maintenance.


To do the test, you take the device which is similar to an asthma inhaler, relax, and basically just breathe normally for ten minutes.

My results?


My resting metabolic rate is 1390 calories at rest, meaning if I did nothing but lay in bed all day, this is the amount my body would burn. 

All of the calculators you can find through google estimate my RMR to be at 1499. The percentage error isn’t too far off, but if I went by those standards, I would slowly gain weight as I’d be consuming an extra 100 calories per day.


Honestly, I figured that the past 3-4 years of disordered eating would have severely damaged my metabolism, causing it to be low and being the answer to the question of why I was not losing weight.

Well, the mystery remains because my RD said I have as normal of a metabolism as they come. Right in the dead center of the spectrum! She mentioned that she honestly doesn’t see that all too often. 


We discussed what would be the best plan going forward. I could cut calories to 1204 per day, aiming for a deficit of 410 calories per day, leaving me with a weight loss of .85 lbs/week. She does not want me eating less than 1200, which I refuse to do anyway. I will also be eating back any calories I expend through exercise, and this in turn should allow me to find the ‘sweet spot’ for weight loss. 

I’m not incredibly optimistic as I have cut calories to 1200 before, but I trust that because my metabolism is, in fact, normal, my body will regulate itself eventually.

According to the data, I am carrying 112.6 lbs of muscle and 32.4 lbs of fat, so I’ve got some pretty solid muscle mass to say the least. I just need to dump what’s left of this fat, and I’ll be a happy camper. 

Most important than weight loss, however, is the fact that I am healthy and taking strides to improve my nutrition wherever possible. I was not expecting to have a normally functioning metabolism and was worried that years of cutting calories too low had done a lot of damage. However, now seeing that it has not, I’m striving even more now to take advantage of it and try to remain as healthy as I can. 

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  1. mrsfitwatcher said: This was a great read, Anna! Awesome that you did it. I’d like to try this some day maybe post-baby.
  2. josethompson said: Damn! I need to do that test!
  3. trish-runs-the-world-away said: I wish I could do this because I have no idea how many calories I burn doing nothing
  4. straightarrowlife said: Very interesting stuff. I’m curious to get mine done as well…
  5. breatherunlive said: Looks more similar to the breathing tests I’ve done for my asthma… which make me anxious. Was that uncomforable after 10 minutes? Seems like a long time. :(
  6. p-m-j said: how much did it cost to have that test done?
  7. cupcakeconditioning said: Wow! So interesting! I may need to look into getting those tests done…
  8. runningfortheriesling said: That’s cool! I’ve always wanted to go get testing like this done!