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Zensah Calf Sleeves Review

Let’s talk about one of my favorite things, yes? Or two, rather.

Compression. Sweet, sweet compression. 

Lately I’ve been having some shin pain, which I thought was a little more treadmill related but have decided it’s more from needing to switch to a fresh pair of shoes. My first to go-to’s when shin pain hits are compression and ice. 

These sleeves seriously make a huge difference in my recovery. How did I get hooked, you ask?

Two years ago, while in recovery from my Achilles tendon injury, I scoured the running corner of the web for any recommendations on how to heal faster. I came across the topic of compression, and dug deeper into my search to find any possible tool to get me up and running again. After researching different brands of compression products, I finally chose this pair of black Zensah compression calf sleeves.

I had never used any compression product before, so I was slightly skeptical at how they would perform. I ordered from the Zensah website and received them quickly. I skimmed through the information on the packs, with touts a variety of benefits. Pin-point compression and gradual compression are both promised, as is targeted muscle support. The sleeves are ribbed, which is supposed to mimic taping techniques and provides maximum support.

I slipped them on and noticed immediately how comfortable they were. Not too warm, and breathable. They offer the perfect amount of compression – not too loose, and not too tight. They are extremely light, not bulky, and can be worn under pants. I was a little worried that the sleeves would slip and gradually slide down my leg, but to my surprise they stayed put.

After healing from my Achilles injury, I continued wearing my sleeves during runs and for recovery. Since I run hundreds of miles a year, little aches and pains never fail to creep up. Wearing these sleeves has helped keep my muscles relaxed, blood flowing, and injuries at bay. They aid in immediate muscle recovery, which is much needed as a minimalist runner, and definitely soothe my sore calves quickly.

Bottom line, as a runner, this is a great product to help aid in not only healing from an injury, but in every day recovery as well.

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  1. cupcakeconditioning said: One (or two, really) of my favorite things! Mine are bright purple :)
  2. danielleruns said: I lost one of mine. Rude.
  3. malloryrunsthis said: Good advice! I may have to look into these…
  4. kungfucaveman said: Ribbed, for her pleasure
  5. straightarrowlife said: I should consider something like this. My shins are my trouble spot.
  6. carolynruns said: I fucking love my compression sleeves. I will be living in them after tomorrow’s 9-miler.
  7. seeamandarun said: Love mine!
  8. afatboyslimmer said: Sounds like I need a pair or three!
  9. knitruneatrepeat said: Love my zensah calf sleeves too! They work miracles.
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