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My weekend in pictures. I really thought that being at home for a bit and not traveling would give me some downtime, but all of a sudden June became packed and everything is happening this month. I can’t say I don’t love it, though. I can rest when I’m dead.

Saturday after miles, I hit the pool for the first time this summer, got made of for my already visible running tan lines (don’t even care), and then got fancy to celebrate a good friend’s birthday. 

Today I spent a few hours in the kitchen prepping meals for the week, worked on school things until my mind was fried, subbed in for a game of kickball, worked on more school things, hit the hothumidstickysweaty pavement for some miles, ventured to the parents, ate mom’s delicious food, and celebrated Dad.

My family is always good for some humor whenever my sisters and I are around. For example:

(Due to some inconclusive test results for cancer on my Dad’s thyroid, he his having exploratory surgery/part-thyroid removal surgery on Tuesday).

Sis: “How much are they taking out?”

Dad: “At least half of it, more depending on what they find.”

Sis: “Will they have to give you medication to take its place?”

Dad: “Not if they only take out half. It’ll still make enough thyroid juice or whatever it is to still work.”

Scary? Yes. But you know you can roll with the punches when you can find humor in a situation like this.

Love my fam. They’re the best. 

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  1. michaeldoeslife said: pack in some pool time!
  2. runningfortheriesling said: Praying for your pops!
  3. kat-rd2be said: Hope your dad is ok
  4. countdowntooz said: Sending good thyroid juice making vibes to your Papa x
  5. tinkerbellrun said: Keeping fingers crossed for your dad!!!
  6. lifewithkim said: Sending good vibes your Dad’s way.
  7. runningwithcrohns said: Hope the surgery goes well!
  8. ariavie said: I hope he gets good news. Sometimes when faced with something like this, laughing and being silly is the only thing to do to keep from worrying. :) All the best to your dad.
  9. becky-balances said: Thoughts and prayers for your family this week!