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Flashback Friday: Roommate and I venture to Orlando for a quick 3-day vacation and ride ALL the rollercoasters and enjoy the warm sunshine and laugh and drink God’s gift to man in the form of butterbeer and ride more rollercoasters and have all fun and THEN eat dinner and get food poisoning and end up at a clinic at 1am and fly back home with uneasy tummies and collapse into bed. We want a re-do. 

But seriously…I’m not the biggest HP fan so I don’t even know what butterbeer is but HOLYCRAP it’s delish.

We still had fun despite the painful last night. 

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  1. tallmormon said: Now quick trip to Utah
  2. notovernight said: What? How do you even talk to brenna with that mouth? What is butter beer really!
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    *Has a seizure* I’m going there on Sunday!!!
  4. regainingmymoxy said: I want Brenna to squat a minion.
  5. becky-balances said: YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT BUTTERBEER IS? Friendship revoked.
  6. funnyrunner said: Seuss Landing is amazing, is it not? Like stepping into a book. Looks like you had nice weather!
  7. runningwithguts said: "I’m not the biggest HP fan so I don’t even know what butterbeer is…" You’re dead to me.
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