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They can’t all be good

  • Spend 9 hours at work trying my best to be productive, but it’s hard to do when you don’t feel well
  • Come home and immediately pass out for an hour on the couch
  • Leave to go have dinner and watch the hockey game at a friend’s
  • Make it to the gym with every intention of getting some intervals done
  • Call it quits after ten minutes because of the internal civil war happening in my body
  • Curse said body
  • Lie in bed at 8:49pm typing this because all I want to do is sleep
  • Realize you won’t always have good days and just let it go. The miles can wait and your body will forgive you
  • Be happy about the fact that I’m about to get 8 perfect long hours of beautiful sleep
  • Resolve to have a good day tomorrow


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  1. kategoesrunning said: Feel better! Tell your insides to chill man!
  2. runningwithguts said: I would massage your uterus for you if I could. In the not-creepiest way possible.
  3. snapthistiger said: sweet dreams..