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  1. countdowntooz said: Pretty hair tho….
  2. hello-suninmyface said: Your hair looks so cute!
  3. runningforme said: Hahaha! The sun got you back for your comment about mine!
  4. inasoutherlydirection said: yeah but your hair is cute :)
  5. snapthistiger said: uh oh..
  6. shortmom said: Trust the wrinkled old lady — sunscreen!!!!
  7. bikesbrainsbetterliving said: For a second I thought this was a covert gun show shot.
  8. runningwithaltitude said: Think yourself lucky, we have sun but its 30F :0)
  9. sazsimpson said: hhhmm…your getting a sun tan & we’re keeping the winter clothes out! I need to relocate I think!
  10. mrsfitwatcher said: ALWAYS!!
  11. thisfearlesslife posted this