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Let me tell you about my weekend. 

A few months ago, this girl sent me an email with a flight itinerary for a January visit to Nashville. 

It was awesome, yet cruel, because January was SO FAR AWAY. 

But the weekend finally came, and sadly flew by way too fast. You know you’ve found good friends when there is no pressure to do anything or be anything different. You just are.

Friday night, we ventured over to the Flying Saucer, one of my favorite pubs downtown. Chances are if you visit me, I will take you here. My roommate and another friend joined us, and I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so much in my life. (There was no drinking of cheese, despite what the pictures may show)! After dinner and drinks, we walked further downtown to Broadway. I expelled some fond (hilarious) memories as we passed some bars that I frequent (debaucherous times involving these friends) and she didn’t even judge me a little.

Then the best part of the night was when we happened upon a giant Reese’s cup that we shared (we seriously ate it like a sandwich) and hung out for a bit at Mike’s Ice Cream Shop. Saturday and Sunday we shopped, walked, coffee’d, explored Nashville, and ate the best mexican food EVER. Maybe the best part, though, was being able to share what we had in common most-running, ups and downs, offering advice, and just plain talking. Too much to put into words. As much as I love going to visit people, I absolutely LOVE when people come visit me. Thanks for a great weekend, Jess!

These visits always remind of me this post that Jonathan wrote last April. Hugs all around!


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    SO. MUCH. LOVE. I went to Nashville excited to meet someone in person and live a few days in the life. But this weekend...
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