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Friday things

  1. I love this article. However, the “Perfect Woman” is different for every single person. You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches. I want to be the perfect woman for the things I do, not what I look like or how much I weigh.
  2. I am heading to NYC at the end of the month—anybody want to keep me company when Jocelyn gets sick of me? What are some things to do that aren’t typical tourist things? The only thing I have planned is to run a lot.
  3. NSV time: I got a pair of jeans for Christmas from my family. I held them up and laughed because they looked like the size of one of my legs and were a size smaller than I usually wear. With Fridays being casual jeans day at the office, and the fact that I had no other clean jeans, I was forced to try these on…and they fit, suckas. Take that, body.
  4. New Years Eve! I did pretty much the opposite of everyone else and stayed in. My roommate was getting over being sick and I was down for a low key evening, so our friend and neighbor came over and we all walked to a nearby restaurant. It ended up being a really great night. He bought us both our dinner (chivarly does exist!) and then we hung out to watch the ball drop with a bottle of amazing champagne. Friends are the best.
  5. Yesterday was the first day I had run on a treadmill since summer because it was too cold and windy. I ran a half in pouring rain a few days ago but wind is just too much. Delicate flower, y’all. And spin! My butt is very aware of all of its muscles.
  6. I’ve been MUSIC swapping with a friend and it is awesome to finally find someone with as different a taste in music as me. And by different I mean fantastic.
  7. Roommate and I started watching Alias, and she promises me to let me show her Dexter when we finish. HOLY INTENSE. I’m hooked but my God—not something I can watch right before bed. I need happy things.
  8. It’s amazing how just a few days being back on the wagon can make you feel. Jumping off that sugar and carb cliff can be rough. Delicious food is the worst.
  9. Speaking of delicious food, there are already damn flyers floating around the office for Girl Scout Cookies. I swear that already happen twenty times in the past few months. Stay. Away.
  10. I paid the cheapest amount for a half-marathon that anyone will ever pay. Cedars Frostbite Half which is run inside of a state park. $20. I feel like I really got a steal out of this one, but also remembered that I’m still paying money to run.
  11. This is the first weekend in months that I have had zero plans. I should probably be productive and not waste it. 
  12. Dr. Seuss-style Surreal Photography
  13. I really want to register for Chicago again. Please somebody cut off my hands and take away my credit card and save me from making a choice that I would most likely hate myself for (but secretly be happy about).
  14. This article reminds me of when a girl in the dormroom my freshman year of college stuck a can of soup in the microwave and walked away, therefore attempting to try and kill us all.

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. tallmormon said: I’ll chop dem hands off
  2. mar-kicksass said: #1 - you are SO right. :) #7, isn’t that ridiculously hot guy in that? I forget his name… mmm hmmm…
  3. fromthebackofthepack said: I want to see you when you’re in NYC!
  4. krissyboar reblogged this from thisfearlesslife and added:
    One time in college I came home to find the door of the microwave gone and the inside of it all melted and black. I...
  5. kristysfoodandfitness said: Hahah you know you will sign up again… and I’ll come cheer you on!!
  6. buildingothersup said: when will you be in NYC?
  7. notovernight said: My new years eve was less active then your new years eve. In bed by 11, a winner is me. Also yay body over mind on the jeans
  8. funnyrunner said: Oh! Something fun and quick in NYC: Grand Central Station’s “Whisper Gallery” -Google it!
  9. regainingmymoxy said: See ya soon. Some people hate tomatoes, but love salsa. There is no logic to taste/attraction. I just wish I could find the guy who loves “holy fucking bat-shit crazy”.
  10. shortmom said: those photos are amazing
  11. jrfred said: I love Alias so much. Great show choice.