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Things I’m sure of after this weekend (short version because this girl is tired):

  • The people of New York City are incredible in the way of banding together for the benefit of one another. Giving has no boundaries when that big of a disaster hits. It reminds me of the Nashville flood we had in 2010. Homes I grew up next to no longer exist as they were swept away by rising waters, and my place of work at the time still stands as an abandoned condemned building. Strangers helped strangers and volunteers worked to get the city back on it’s feet. To see NYC in a similar hurt, it was really incredible to watch the runners on Sunday making the best of a bad situation. The Race to Recover efforts raised $2.6 million to help those in need. 
  • Stefanie has the biggest heart of anyone I know, and is incredibly selfless. Not only did she still welcome me after she was out of her own place, but she toured me around the city and hung out with us. 
  • Rob disproved my theory that not all Brits are assholes. Incredibly sweet, actually, carrying my bags and picking up the tab on some drinks. I can’t thank him and Chris enough for letting me crash at their place the entire weekend. 
  • Chris has the most ridiculous drunk stories that I don’t think I could top even if I made them up. Also, did you know he ran a marathon with tonsillitis? Because that happened.
  • Jocelyn is my lady crush and I love her. Also, in competition for the best hugger.
  • Johnna joined us this weekend as well—every time we meet up it feels like we picked up where we left off. We also made a pact to shoot for a sub-2 Lexington half next Spring! I also finally got to meet Jenn, Ellen, and Betsy, who were lovely.
  • Katie and her bf got me to the airport this morning, and this girl deserves a gold star because I would’ve snapped on someone driving in that traffic. Could not have done it. It was great to see her again, even if only during a car ride to the airport!

So, NYC, when can I come back?

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  1. regainingmymoxy said: It was great to see you. Glad you had a great time. To be honest, the trip was probably more fun this way than had you stayed with introvert me in lower Manhattan see ya again soon!
  2. tallmormon said: Seems so so great
  3. yogawarriornyc said: I can’t believe we didn’t get a picture!! next time :)
  4. notovernight said: so, a weekend of awesome. And Stefanie definitely does rock and stuff
  5. fromthebackofthepack said: It was great meeting you too! Come back to NYC, thanks to Chris hogging all the conversation I never got to here your best drunk story…
  6. inasoutherlydirection said: love this. every single thing about it. so muh.
  7. buildingothersup said: Cute
  8. backto100miles said: That looks like so much fun! Hoping to be running the marathon next year. Maybe you will, too? :)
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    so good. Great job NYC, as usual!
  10. seeamandarun said: Anna you are so beautiful!