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  1. tallmormon said: OH YEAH!
  2. rookcanrun said: Love the photo spam. All. Of. It.
  3. funnyrunner said: The pic of you and Danielle with your medals is THE best. Absolutely love it.
  4. danielleruns said: Ow, right in the feels.
  5. michaeldoeslife said: KC got a new phone?
  6. mrsfitwatcher said: Loveeeee
  7. runningwithguts said: Yes. Take me back. My body is ready.
  8. mr-smit said: Mine will be coming soon.
  9. notovernight said: ALL the photo spam PLEASE
  10. regainingmymoxy said: Last one is my fave!
  11. cantstopcristin said: I won’t miss the next!!! Looks so fun!