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Lots to say about today, but I feel I can put it simply for now: I had fun today. With the help of some of you awesome people, you helped me raise nearly $500 in a week for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. You also gave me a humbling challenge, not just of running the miles, but to remember the children that I’m running for. 

My feet might be sore at mile 18, or I may get a cramp that stops me in my tracks at mile 24, but I’ll never know the pain that the patients at that hospital have endured. And so I make it through one mile at a time, thankful to be able to run, to be healthy, and to have a pretty great life. 

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  1. carolynruns said: You are so fabulous. And that beer is just the best.
  2. captainmudphud said: I like you.
  3. melanietris said: Look who’s talking—you’re AMAZING!!
  4. gettingamyright said: 30 miles?!? Wow!
  5. robownslife said: Amen sister. Great job today! You inspire me so much! :)
  6. activeinpink said: WHAT. you’re amazing.
  7. rookcanrun said: Amazing! And Awesome! Great run today. I hope you have something left for tomorrow :)