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Hills. Wind. Hills. Wind.

NOLA W9/KW3 20.01 Miles; 3:20:35 (9:59 pace)

This was the hardest run I’ve ever, ever done. The wind was in my face the entire time. The hills were, well, hills. You guys coming to Nashville in April are in for a treat! I felt like I was running backwards and uphill for 3 hours. Next time the news says, “Wind gusts of up to 40mph” I’ll do more than shrug it off. 

Other than the elements out of my control, it was great. The weather was perfect-started out at 30 degrees and rose to 50, sunny and gorgeous. I had no pain AT ALL! I think taking a week off really helped work out some kinks and I felt great after I got warmed up. 

Brenna and I got to run together virtually, and proceeded to send videos via text to each other. It was like mental candy. She totally killed her long run! 

A cutback week in on tap for next weekend with 12 miles, and I get to run a 5k! It’s been over a year since I’ve done a smaller race, so I’m pretty excited for that. 

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  1. fitterisbetter said: Oh great, hills are my arch enemy!
  2. liveasbravemen said: I’m so glad you were able to get through this loooooong run without any report of leg pain. Great job!
  3. robownslife said: You’re simply amazing! Soooooooooooo extremely proud of you!
  4. danielleruns said: HOW DOES WIND EVEN DO THAT!? Fucking scumbag wind.
  5. carolynruns said: So awesome. :)
  6. jrfred said: Hooray for no pain! Dang you ARE fast. Great job!
  7. michaelontherun said: Can we just take a moment to reflect on the fact that you ran 20 miles at 10:00 pace?!
  8. regainingmymoxy said: Nice job Anna. I liked your pics. It was cool day up here and there was a fierce headwind heading south, but that was on tge flat. Great work. KEEP IT UP WOMAN!!
  9. eatclean-livefit said: Oh I think I am in for a treat come April. I have heard the hills were FUN! Can’t wait!
  10. mar-kicksass said: Virtual run, very cool! :)
  11. runningwithpump said: You continue to amaze me.
  12. lifechangeneededaisle3 said: Pffft And you say I’m quick?? Nice run and congrats on the no pain :D
  13. tallmormon said: because you can! you rock!
  14. runsforredvelvet said: Yay! I’m running that 5K with you!! :) And I have 14 miles next weekend but I might cut it back some more…not sure! lol