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Hey Michael, Dustin is right-gotta leave the shirt on in an ice bath! 

NOLA W8/KW3 13 Miles 

This was a really good run. I ran downtown along the river in a somewhat secluded park that had a trail. I love how you can be in the city but away from it at the same time. The trail is a 7 mile out and back, so I ran it twice, using a half mile to warm up/cool down. There are mile markers along the trail so I ditched my garmin and music and just ran. The weather was perfect—55 degrees and overcast. It was almost therapeutic, and there were very few people on the trail. Mostly runners and a handful of bikers. It was nice just to escape for a couple of hours.

I did have some mean shin pain for the first several miles in the same problem spot, and it may be something worth getting checked out. It almost feels like something that could turn into a stress fracture if I’m not careful. I have 20 miles on tap for next weekend, meaning my weekday mileage will be a little lower which will help me recover. 

Sights from the run:

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  1. runsforredvelvet said: Is that Shelby Bottoms Park?
  2. mar-kicksass said: Great photos! Looks like you had a scenic run.
  3. josethompson said: Looks like a pretty nice trail!
  4. jrfred said: Glad you had a good run! That trail looks pretty and that weather sounds amazing!
  5. captainmudphud said: …what kind of guy would EVER tell a girl to leave her shirt on?????
  6. chrisbiketri said: Great pictures! Hope you had a good soak. =)
  7. chrisrunsoldschool said: i need to move.
  8. michaeldoeslife said: I kept my pants on this time. Small steps
  9. hikedyke said: Lovely trail! The weather sounds dreamy~
  10. pheidippi-dissertator said: Glad this run went better than last weeks, and those are beautiful sights for a long run.
  11. tallmormon said: very pretty, makes me wanna go even more now!
  12. chelseaalysse said: wow so pretty! an ice bath sounds amazing right o bad I’m at my boyfriends :(